Ask Core Reviews [Q&A 09/23/22]

Salutations my good people. It’s a bright and sunny Friday morning. It doesn’t feel like the sun is leaking into my pores and I’m feeling alright. Earlier this week I decided to do my first Q & A in order for readers to get to know me a little bit. Now, I’m well aware that since we are a tiny, growing community, there won’t be a lot of interaction at first but my hope is that each time I do these, the questions grow in quantity.

This week will be pretty short as I only received a few questions! But thank you to everyone who submitted a question 🙂 Also, I want to note that there will always be anonymous!


Question:  Favorite movie or tv franchise of all time??

Core Reviews: So, my favorite movie of all time is actually Mean Girls. It’s one of the only movies that still makes me laugh and has so many quotable lines, it is iconic. I’ll cheat and also do my favorite TV franchise which will be The Amazing World of Gumball.

Question:  If your life were an anime, what genre would it be and what would it be called?

Core Reviews: Ooh, nice question. Well, since my life is pretty uneventful, it’d probably be a Slice of Life. It would most likely be one of the ones where you see me at work and navigating life. I’m not athletic enough to be in an adventure or action anime. If I had to think of a name…I’m one of the most unoriginal people when it comes to screen names or titles of anything so bare with me. Maybe just ‘Tequila” since that’s my name.

Or I’d do an isekai 😗 and call it ‘The girl who doesn’t drink, Tequila’s sober and boring life.’ (Horrible joke I know).

Question: Favorite ice cream flavor??

Core Reviews: Recently I have been obsessed with Oreo Cookies and Cream from Baskin Robbins. In fact, I’m ordering some tonight 😆

And that wraps up this week’s edition of Ask Core Reviews. I’ve added an official tab on my website to submit questions and whenever I have a good enough batch, I’ll post another Q&A. Thank you again to all who submitted questions!

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My name is Tequila. My favorite color is blue, my favorite number is 5 and my favorite food is lasagna. I love anime and manga. I also enjoy a good game or two and I love talking about them with anyone who will listen. Do what you will with that information and enjoy my musings.

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