Ask Core Reviews [Q&A 10/07/22]

It’s the second week of Q&A! Since I did receive a question, I definitely wanted to highlight and answer it. The other questions, however, are ones I found and wanted to answer just to give more insight into my blog and me 🙂 I hope you enjoy it! Friendly reminder my Q&A will always be anonymous.


Question: How are you able to get ideas for your blog posts?

Core Reviews: I mainly focused on what I’d be interested in seeing. I’ve come across a lot of really fascinating anime blogs/websites and took inspiration from each one. Now, my website is still far from the way I want it but I’m impressed so far. Putting together a blog was a lot harder than I expected (slightly expensive too). Most of my reviews are just from things I’ve watched or am watching/reading/playing. Getting recommendations is always great too because it opens up stuff I haven’t seen before!

The extra things (core reviews blog, indie spotlight, ask core reviews, etc) are just ideas that I thought would help to navigate the site and make it more fun and engaging. I know a lot of people don’t want to read a 1,500-word review on why I think Yu Yu Hakusho is the greatest anime of all time, so it’s nice to have some other options. But for the most part, all the posts are my own ideas.

Question: Are you a coffee or tea person?

Core Reviews: I prefer tea. Honestly, I can’t stand the taste or smell of coffee  ðŸ˜…  The only drinks I purchase from coffee shops are hot chocolate and vanilla chai tea latte.

Question: Are you a cat or dog person?

Core Reviews: I have a cat but I love both. My goal is to have a dog soon but it’s looking more like I’ll get another cat before then lol.

Question: What is your current wallpaper?

Core Reviews: My lock screen is Ichigo in his banki form. My home screen is Dragonball. I might change those soon to something Halloween themed though.

Question: Do you prefer matinees or opening nights?

Core Reviews: I LOOOOOVE matinees. I remember once I went to see ‘Inside Out’ at like 2 in the afternoon and was the only one there. It was nice. Opening nights (especially with popular anime/superhero/horror movies) are just overcrowded and people can’t stop talking. I like my peace.

Question: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Core Reviews: Lately, I’m beginning to think I’m an ambivert. It takes me a while to warm up to someone. It took me months to start casually talking to my coworkers. I can talk to you for hours and hours or I might never say more than 5 words to you all week. Also, I have anxiety and do not do well in front of crowds of people so I try to avoid that if possible.

Question: Podcast or music while driving?

Core Reviews: Music. Even at work, 90% of the time I’m listening to music while working. Not gonna lie, I’ve listened to maybe two podcasts in my life and one of them I’m in so ðŸ¤£ 

Question: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Core Reviews: Moving to a new state and/or country.

Question: What is one thing you wish you had more time to do?

Core Reviews: S L E E P. Kinda ghetto how I’m tired no matter what though.

Question: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Core Reviews: I wish I could scan the scrapbook we made in the fifth grade. It’s changed a lot. At first, I wanted to be a Doctor, then a Nurse. Once I found out how long I had to study I said “Absolutely not, I can’t stand school.” So logically I moved on to a Lawyer and read the last line.

Then, during my obsession with WWE, I wanted to be a wrestler. Upon further research, I was too scared at the chance of getting hurt and potentially paralyzed if I screwed up so axed that pretty quickly. Middle school is when I discovered my knack for writing. My teacher was always complimenting me on my stories and journal entries and it was fun. College scared me (my mama scared me) into thinking writing would leave me broke and jobless so I switched to an adoption agent.

And now I own my own review blog and am pursuing my bachelor’s in writing so guess who won?

Question: What is one goal you want to accomplish within the year?

Core Reviews: First and foremost, I’d love to get a good following! People that I can talk to regularly, maybe a mini community (I don’t like to use the word Family because people have made that word weird to me). I’m also planning on going to my first convention next year (God willing I can get tickets) and cosplaying! I’ve always wanted to cosplay but never had the funds to really go all out like I want. Also, play more games. I have been slacking this year which is also why my games section is so dry.

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