BitLife Review

Released: September 29th, 2018

Developer: Candywriter

Genre: Simulator

Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android)

I know you guys are like FINALLY A GAME REVIEW (but not Bustafellows, I’m sorry) BUT I do have another to talk with you guys about. Besides Otome games, I LOVE playing simulation games. My favorite is probably Sims. I love any game where I can make choices that affect how the game goes, you know what I mean? I distinctly remember playing a game similar to this except it was only available on a web browser. I can’t recall the name but it was basically a text simulation game like this one is. You were born, you had different life experiences, etc. EDIT: I just remembered it was called Alter Ego!

The game I’m focusing on today is called BitLife. It is a text simulator game where you basically make all the decisions and based on what you pick you to get different results. You start as a baby and you can age year by year learning new things, changing the way you look, it’s like your life. You can play it any way you like. I like to try to lead a semi-normal life but there’s really no limit to what you can do. You can even choose to be the head of a mafia family or lead a crime organization. There are good choices, which can give you great results and make your character happy, or there are bad choices that can leave you hurt, upset, or even worse, dead.

It’s basically like the sims except it’s all text. There are images and cute little icons but you can do the little mindless things you can in the sims like cooking or flooding your house because you can’t unclog your toilet.

So, this is the character that I’ve created. This is actually my second run-through of the game. I played as her mother then switched over to play as her daughter, Sasha, and continued on from there. This is what the screen will look like. It displays your characters’ pictures, their name, their occupation, and their bank account balance. Underneath, it displays the text for all of the actions I’ve done. Then, below that is a little menu where you can see your job-related options, assets, what you own, your relationships, and activities you can do.

In the middle is a big ‘Age’ button where you can age your character up 1 year or in contrast, you can click the small minus button and age your character down a year (you can time travel if you pay, yaaaay). Underneath that is your stats bar. It displays your current happiness, health, smarts, and looks. It’s similar to the sims in that if your happy bar is too low then you won’t be able to do a lot. Same with your health, you will start getting sick and not be able to do certain activities.

As you can see, my character’s happiness is low because her mother passed away. I’ve also played where her ex-husband died, one of her children contracted a form of cancer and died when they were very young, and her pets also have passed away (that happens very often).

This is a more detailed profile of my character. I had played the game for about 2 days and had gotten this far. Funny story, my character actually started out as a professional volleyball player but after some controversy, she was let go and I decided to have her study to become a nurse.

When I tell yall this game can become so addicting and fun to read. I have played very mildly but I’m planning on making some outrageous choices next time just for the heck of it. As you can see, my character’s stats bar is pretty nice. Aside from her happiness, this is someone whose ex-husband has died, had a child die, recently lost both pets and her father and mother, she’s pretty emotionally worn down but she’s hanging in there.

The beauty of this game is that you can create whatever narrative you want and you can change that narrative whenever you want.

On my right, you can see where they display my family legacy. I am currently the second generation and we’re pretty wealthy too.

You can also inherit heirlooms and accumulate assets where you can pass them on to your children or even sell them just because.

Like I said, you really have the freedom to create whatever story or family you want. If you’re not all that concerned with outstanding graphics or 900 fps but I find it to be a good way to kill time if you’re into these types of games.

Gaming Checklist

Is it fun?

Yes. I know some of you may be like “hOw CaN a TeXt GaMe Be FuN?” Well it can! Trust me, if you can play games like Life or Cards Against Humanity, you can have fun with this too. You just have to tap into your

Is it expensive?

Nope! Actually it IS technically free to play unless you want to get some of the extra features (like time travel, creating your own characters, towns, cities, etc) then it’s only $4.99.

Is it difficult or easy?

It’s actually rather simple unless you think of it like the Sims then it can be a little challenging. Your goal is to essentially create an ideal life for your character rather that be just to get rich, live long, or find true love. There are certain choices that will lead you to that and it’s not always easy.

Is it family-friendly?

Ehhh, I think it’s just like real life; there’s just some topics it’s hard to shy away from so I wouldn’t really suggest younger kids to play it but maybe late teens.

With all that being said, Core Reviews is going to go ahead and give this text based game a rating of:


While it’s not a horrible game, it’s not the greatest either BUT I still enjoy it and think some people out there might as well. My recommendation? Give a play through and see how you feel about it. I’d suggest giving it a few tries before settling your opinion on it.

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