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  • Bustafellows Review
    Released: July 30, 2021 Developer: NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND INC Publisher: PQube Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC My brothers and sisters in Christ, I have finally gotten a game review after 89 years. I am so sorry 🤣 I apparently take a looong time to complete games. I purchased this game last year and have just […]
  • BitLife Review
    Released: September 29th, 2018 Developer: Candywriter Genre: Simulator Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android) I know you guys are like FINALLY A GAME REVIEW (but not Bustafellows, I’m sorry) BUT I do have another to talk with you guys about. Besides Otome games, I LOVE playing simulation games. My favorite is probably Sims. I love any game […]