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  • Core Reviews Challenge: Update
    This is an accountability post! If you’ve been here since the beginning of the year, I announced a challenge I was doing. It spawns from a Christmas gift my sister gave to me. Please see the poorly lit example. It is a scratch-off poster that says ‘The Ultimate Bucket List Top 100 Anime’ and represents […]
  • Core Reviews 2022 Challenge
    So, it is that time when most bloggers like to wrap up their year with a thoughtful post or summarize how their year went. I thought I would take a different approach. Instead of reflecting on how my year went, I want to talk about the things I am looking forward to. I have actually […]
  • Introductory Post
    Welcome and thank you for taking the time to click on my blog! This is an introductory post for my Anime, Manga, and Games Review Blog. I am excited to see how much this project of mine grows and I can’t wait to see how diverse of a community we will become. I won’t bore […]