Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency

AKA: Sentō Chōryū, 戦闘潮流

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Studio: A.P.P.P

Episodes: 17

Available On: Netflix, Crunchyroll

Yall, I promise I’ve been working on this review for like a week+ and trying to post it but work got so busy!

We are continuing on from the last review which covered JJBA Part 1: Blood Phantom. That was a ride and this season was no different. If you would like a refresher on the first part, I would suggest clicking the link above and reading.

The beginning of the series picks up a little where the last one left off. By now we are into a new generation of Joestars. This part was definitely more extravagant than the first. Joseph Joestar is the grandson of part one’s protagonist, Jonathan Joestar. Yes, we are still fending off Dio and his minions because if you forgot Dio is a vampire everyone!

I truly believe this is the part of the series that hooks a lot of watchers because there’s a lot of action and amazing characters. Not even just the good guys but the villains as well. We get even more fighting scenes and the plot actually continues on from the first part, the writing is just done *chef’s kiss* fantastically. The series focuses more on Joseph’s hamon ability. We’re also introduced to some new characters but we get to see some familiar ones as well, just a little aged. Not to mention the OST is a 10/10.


Picture this; 1938 in Mexico and you’re on this expedition with Robert E.O. Speedwagon and the Speedwagon foundation and you find stone masks and some weird man inside of a piece of stone. You know you can only call one person and it ain’t Ghostbusters. Then, we’re thrust into New York where my boy Joseph Joestar resides. He’s living his life, being a Joestar.

Coincidently, we get introduced or should I say re-introduced to Straizo who if you remember was in the first part and was a good guy. However, he gets a taste of power which of course makes him lose his common sense. He decides to not only severely hurt Speedwagon, but he also wants to gain immortality so he decides to become a vampire. He obviously went to Dio’s school for logic because whyyyyy?

We make a trip to Mexico because I kid you not a lot has happened in between the last paragraph I just wrote. Joseph is now trying to confirm whether Speedwagon is okay or not and is followed by an assassin who he makes EASY work out of. Somehow we learn about Speedwagon being held captive by a Nazi soldier, yes you read that correctly, a NAZI soldier named Rudol von Stroheim and they have the pillar with the man embedded in it, trying to awaken him.

Wait, we’re not even at the most interesting parts yet. The pillar man who is named Santana proceeds to bulldoze through everybody like he was getting in some cardio and strength training. His supernatural abilities are just too much for everyone. Joseph decides to try his hand and goes to his limit. Finally, he’s able to defeat him by exposing him to sunlight. It’s not over quite yet!

I appreciate the geography this season brings. Now we go to Italy and we get to meet Zepelli’s grandson, Cesar. For those that don’t remember, Zeppeli is the one who taught Joseph’s grandfather Johnathon about Hamon. Immediately the two dislike each other since Cesar blames Joseph’s grandfather for getting his grandfather killed. While all this is happening the other 2 Pillar men are waking up, woooo!

This is when everything jumps to another level. We travel some more and they have to get trained by Lisa Lisa, the beautiful Hamon master. It’s revealed that the Pillar Men are actually after the red stone of Aja which will help them rule the world. Suffice to say this second part just really did a great job of elevating the storyline.


We get more memorable characters to add to our Jo Jo collection. First is Joseph Josetar who quickly became my favorite because of his attitude and personality. He was very silly but he was always trained to go. Also the scarf. I like to say this is really when they got more fashion sense and were more flamboyant than before and I am here for it all. Being able to fight and look good at the same time? There needs to be an award for it, honestly. Throughout the series, he doesn’t seem to take anything seriously and is really playful. A mix of being a hot head and violent sprinkled with stupidity always makes for an entertaining character. He also loves randomly saying English phrases, his favorite being “Oh my god!”

What is the main character without their sidekick? Cesar A. Zepelli was definitely a shining star throughout this series and was a wonderful rival for Joseph. He continuously pushed the former and even though he often professed his hate for him, I know he really did care for Joseph! Seeing him in the show was nice because the Zeppelli’s and Joestars go waay back and they are usually sacrificing themselves for the sake of their friend which would be a Joestar. I also like his abilities. One of them makes him able to hypnotize people and animals with a simple touch. It can be a kiss, a tap on the shoulder, pat on the head, etc. They pretty much act on his demands. He’s also considered a Hamon master just like his father and trained under Lisa Lisa, an Italian Hamon master who harbors a HUGE secret that I won’t spill this time.

The main female character of this story, Lisa Lisa, is an infamous Hamon master who resides in Venice. She is the embodiment of being a badass since she’s not only beautiful but can defend herself without breaking a sweat. It was stated that her Hamon ability is at least 3x more powerful than Joseph’s. Another plus side is that using Hamon slows the aging process so even though Lisa looks to be in her early 20s, she is actually in her 50s. Even her scarf which looks like an ordinary fashion accessory is able to produce Hamon at 100%. She served as a vital character and that’s one thing I love about the JJBA series. Women matter and aren’t just there, you know? Also, the fun fact is she was actually trained by Straizo, you know the good guy turned bad guy who just wants to be young forever.

Now the next series of guys are the bad guys. They are super bad, like really bad. Evil even. They are called the Pillar Men and are the main antagonists of the show. There are four of them with one being the leader, Kars. They all possess superhuman strength and intelligence (because they’re over 10,000 years old) and all of them have a disregard for human life. I would say Eidisi would be the exception since he can be more emotional than the others but he still kills so….yeah.

There are Esidisi, Wammu, Santana, and Kars.

Santana is the one we meet first as he is the man in the stone that Stroheim is trying to awaken. It was only a matter of seconds before we realize how big of a mistake that was. Then we meet Esidisi. Remember when I said he was the more emotional one? Well, he typically gets overconfident which leads to him underestimating Joseph when he fought against him. He also gets frustrated when things don’t go his way.

Moving on to Wammu, he’s very intense and I also have a strong dislike for him because of a certain fight with one of my favorite characters *tear*. When we first meet him he takes a liking to Joseph. He has a lot of pride and considers himself a strong warrior. Because of his love of fighting Joseph so much, he decides to place a “wedding ring of death” on his heart so he couldn’t run away from their promised fight. The only terms for him to get the antidote was to defeat Wammu and take the antidote which was in his nose ring. He sounds like a wonderful dinner guest.

And last but not least, we have Kars, who is the leader of the Pillar Men because he is the Ultimate being himself. He was dang near-invincible at first. Literally, nothing would work against this man. I was starting to think this man had plot armor or something. It was like dealing with Dio’s twin. He was just as petty and strong and made for a good villain. If I could point out one thing I didn’t like it would be his ending. I felt like it was just sort of quickly done and they just wrote themselves into a hole and didn’t know how to defeat him, but I guess I was just happy the battle was over.


  • More ✨action✨ 
  • The storyline continues perfectly from Part 1
  • Hamon ability gets explained even further
  • It’s giving FASHION!


  • The art style may STILL not be for everyone.
  • The storyline may get very confusing, so it’s not a show you can just have on in the background


Another brilliant showcase of Jo Jo’s bizarre world. One of the craziest criticisms to me is that the show is “too weird’ with a title called “Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure” I sure hope it’s as weird and strange as ever. I hope people can appreciate this series for the strangeness and creativeness that’s put into it. We’re never going to see a series like this again in my opinion. It’s not strange for the sake of being strange but everything just works. It has a reliable story, and a variety of characters and each section seems to bring more to the table. I am technically on the 5th season now so having seen what else is in store I can confidently say that with all this season’s glory, it will get


Now, this isn’t my favorite season by any means but it was a nice introduction. Again, I’m already way ahead of this so I know what this show is capable of and that’s all I’ll say without spoiling.

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