Jujutsu Kaisen Lucky Bag Review

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I did tell you guys the sale they had on Lucky Bags was a great sale. I managed to not only grab a Demon Slayer bag but I purchased a Jujutsu Kaisen bag as well. It has quickly become one of my favorite anime and manga so why not hop on the merchandise train?

Funnily enough, this was being released around the time the JJK movie was announced. Personally, I would probably have tried to include some special movie merch as well but it worked well either way. This bag is different from the KNY bag since it actually provided me with more items than snacks. I think I got a total of like 3 snacks and the rest of the items were just merch and goodies.

The official description from Sugoi Mart reads;

Sugoi Mart Jujutsu Kaisen Lucky Bags are NOW AVAILABLE!

2021 is a special year for all Jujutsu Kaisen fans. The first movie will be released in December and we at Sugoi Mart want to spoil you with this amazing selection of different Jujutsu Kaisen products. 

Each bag is worth over $100 retail price and contains 10 Jujutsu Kaisen collectible items from the following categories:

  • Large Home Goods
  • Puzzles
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Wafers
  • Blind Boxes / Figures
  • Keychains
  • Official Japanese Manga
  • Snacks and Candies
  • Instant Drinks
  • Bath Bombs

Order this unique Sugoi Mart lucky bag and get a bunch of Japan-exclusive Jujutsu Kaisen products. Grab yours now while supplies last!

This bag was discounted at 50% off as the KNY bag was and shipping also made it add up to over $100. Still a steal if you ask me!

The first item I pulled out of my bag was this tote bag. They were having a special promotion where if you purchased one during a time frame you got the tote bag as an added bonus with the lucky bag. Lucky me, I received this in the lucky bag and I got a second one on top of that. I gave the other to my sister who is also a fan of JJK.

She uses it as a shopping bag for groceries. It’s a nice sized tote bag with vinyl texture, and it even comes with a small case you can fold and put it in. It features the main characters on the front and is just a nice little fashionable accessory.

This bag also was kind enough to give me a figure which I’m sure is retailed at $100 or more. It is a Yuji Itadori figure, specifically during his Black Flash moment. Again, I’m am always afraid to take these figures out of the box because my hands are a hazard! Eventually, I will put it together but for now, I will let it rest in the box.

Is anyone interested in a puzzle? Because guess what’s included in this bag? Yes, you too can have your very own JJK puzzle featuring Itadori and Sukuna. This one is also 56 pieces, so not a huge one. Hopefully, I can put this together but tiny pieces challenge me.

Now one thing that I didn’t have the pleasure of getting in the last Lucky bag was a plushie! I love plushies and was hoping to nab one but alas, I did not. Luckily, Gojo must have smiled down on me in favor and let me receive a Getou plushie! It’s this really cute, chibi, chunky version of Getou that makes me almost forget he’s a murderous villain now.

You had like a 1 in 6 chance of getting him.

Of course they included a copy of the JJK manga, in full Japanese of course, but I appreciate any attempts to help me with my language learning. It happens to be the 4th volume which features Gojo on the cover. I’ve noticed the Japanese versions are much smaller than the manga sold here. Once I feel comfortable I’ll dive in and try to figure out what I’m reading 😅

Now as I stated earlier, what was different about this bag compared to the Demon Slayer bag is that this one had significantly less edible items. There were only about 3. I wasn’t disappointed but I did want a chance to experience Japanese snacks again. I found it funny however, one of the items I received was a wafer but instead of chocolate it was vanilla! Both were so good but I might side with vanilla flavored this time.

There were also some hard candies that had a zesty lemon after taste to it. I thought it was some cough drops or something but it seems it’s just hard candy. They were really cute and each piece was wrapped in a character decorated wrapper. It was hard to tear them, I kind of wanted to keep them!

Instead of a powder drink, this bag came with a small can of coffee. Unfortunately, I’m not a coffee drinker so this one may go to my sister. It reminded me of walking in Japan and seeing vending machines literally at every corner.

Embarrassing moment time! I thought this was a giant bar of candy but it was actually a bath bomb 😳 Again, I haven’t used a bath bomb before but I just might give these a try. I know there was a debate over if they were healthy to use so I’ll keep that in mind.

As with the other bag, most of the items were filled with cute collectable items like cards and stickers.

Let’s get to my final thoughts!


The pricing is similar to the last lucky bag I purchased, which again I think was a fair amount. We have to remember these products come directly from Japan itself and these are some exclusive items. If it was only for $50, I would be a little suspicious. I have no qualms about the price.


I guess my only tiny complaint would be wanting more edible items versus merch but then again it’s random so you never know what will come in your very own lucky bag. Still, the quality of items I received were very nice and I am very appreciative of receiving them. My first figure I ever purchased was a Trafalgar D. Law from a second hand shop in Japan. Who would have ever thought I’d be able to add an Tanjiro and Yuji one to my collection? These items usually cost well over $100 so I probably would’ve have gotten the chance if not for this bag.


It was simple enough to find the bags and the specific one I wanted. The website is very easy to navigate.


This is another product I would recommend fans of the series! It’s not always easy getting merch of your favorite shows and I believe this provides a nice alternative plus you can experience a little piece of Japan as well.

You get a fair amount of items for your price and it’s just a nice treat for fans. If I had to be petty, I’m disappointed I didn’t get a cool JJK designed bag like Demon Slayer’s was decorated after Tanjiro’s checkered haori. That’s my one negative and so that is why I will give the JJK bag


But do buy this lucky bag if you have a chance!

If you want to grab one for yourself while they are still half off, follow the link below! Thank you for reading and please make sure to like, comment, and/or share!

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