Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Lucky Bag Review

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Sugoi Mart is this fascinating website for people like me who love Japanese culture. You can purchase products ranging from snacks, drinks, toys, beauty products, etc. A lot of them are anime-related so they are perfect for someone you know if you’re looking for a gift or just something for yourself. I also know of them because I used to purchase their Japan Crates which were these boxes filled with Japanese snacks and treats.

A few months ago, they were having a sale for their Lucky Bags, which are these tote bags filled with Japan-exclusive items such as treats, collectibles, drinks, plushies, and other great things. They just so happened to be having a sale on a Demon Slayer-themed lucky bag. A lucky bag can usually run about $100, however, it was 50% off so I decided, why not grab one?

The actual description for it on the website is;

Sugoi Mart Demon Slayer Lucky Bags are NOW AVAILABLE!
Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) is such a popular series in Japan and all over the world, the movie ‘Mugen Train’ become the #1 movie in Japanese history. Sugoi Mart is here with this lucky bag so you can get mysterious exclusive Demon Slayer items! Get ready for the second season coming up in November!

Each bag is worth over $100 retail price and contain 10 Demon Slayer Collectible items from the following categories:

  • Figures
  • Plushies
  • Character Bath Towels
  • Bath Bombs
  • Blind Boxes
  • Keychains
  • Demon Slayer Official Japanese Manga
  • Snacks and Candies
  • Instant Drinks
  • Stationeries

Get this Sugoi Mart exclusive Demon Slayer lucky bag for all the Demon Slayer Collectibles you can only find in Japan. Grab yours now while supplies last!

I will say after taxes and shipping, it did put me a little over $100 but considering how much it would cost at regular price, it’s still a nice deal. They’re usually about 10 items but you never know what you’ll get, it’s based on luck, hence the name “Lucky Bag”.

For the most part, I received a lot of sweets and edible items which is always welcome from me. The website does say the bags are valued at $100 so I’m not sure why I was shocked to see some of the items in there that I did. But let’s start from the beginning!

The first item was a cute little 56 piece puzzle of Tanjiro and Nezuko. I love puzzles, but I’m not gonna lie I struggle with anything over 100 pieces 🤣 I am going to put this together since it’s not many pieces and hopefully easy enough for even me.

The next item was a chibi keychain version of Zenitsu during his Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunderclap and Flash. It is so adorable! I love collecting keychains (I have a ton from my trip to Japan) but I don’t always necessarily put them on keys or anything. I just like having them. This one will most likely end up being a collectible as well. It’s just too cute for me to use. With my luck, I’ll break it or lose it somewhere like I did my poor Deidara one!

They did say I would receive a copy of the manga but it’s randomly decided which volume you get. Although, since this promotion started around the time when Mugen Train was being released in theaters, I’m not that shocked I happened to get Rengoku’s cover. The manga is of course in full Japanese but hey, I get to practice reading it so it’s a win-win.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get that far without help. This was a nice reminder that I need to brush up on my 2+ years of Japanese that I’m slowly forgetting 😅

They were also nice enough to give me this cute Hashira pencil because they know I need to practice my kanji the most!

Believe it or not, this is actually a bath bomb! I thought it was a giant piece of candy when I felt it. Instead, I was treated with a purple, round ball of joy. I haven’t used it yet, I’m not a big fan of bath bombs, but to anyone else who is, it seems like it would be nice. There’s one for each character displayed on the front of the package. Since mine was purple, I got Shinobu’s, aka the Insect Hashira.

I was surprised to see such a figure included. Based on my experience, I know these can run pretty pricey. Figures are NOT cheap, well really good ones at least. I’ve never really been into collecting them since I’m liable to break them and I feel like I would just clutter my desk and everything with them so I just like seeing them from a distance. Since it was included, I will probably put it together and place it somewhere safe. Maybe I’ll upload a picture of the finished product!

Now, let’s get to the treats! So there were about 4 edible treats included in the bag. Most of them were chocolatey heaven, which will get no complaints from me. Having been to Japan, my one “complaint” was that I didn’t find their sweets to be sweet enough. That’s probably because in America sugar is just poured down our throats and since I’m used to that, it tasted less fattening. I expected these items to taste like that as well but they tasted surprisingly tasty.

The other fun thing was that it was almost like you got a surprise in each box! I got a good amount of cute stickers of different characters and even some collectible cards. My favorite is the tiny Insouke sticker from a scene in Mugen Train where he’s crying.

Some of the other snacks were an energy powder drink, a chocolate wafer that tasted airy yet exquisite, and crunchy chips. They sort of taste like BBQ-ish. I enjoyed them and I didn’t think I would like them but never judge a snack by how it looks!

Now that you’ve seen all the goodies, it’s time to give my closing thoughts.


I typically wouldn’t buy this because of the price, but since it was a 50% off sale, I couldn’t resist. The figure alone probably cost $100, unfortunately for me, I like a good bargain and don’t necessarily like spending money. Therefore, I would say it is probably a little pricey just depending on your budget and what you’re looking for.

It was mostly snacks and anime items so I’m not sure if it was all really worth the $100 retail value they claim it is, but again if you’re willing to pay the money then this is a nice value. I also wouldn’t normally purchase one of these. Like I said, I only got it because there was a sale so I wouldn’t be willing to pay full price for it.


The variety of items you can receive was nice. They made sure the bag could be for a child, a fan, or even someone who just casually watches. It included a little something for everyone. Having 10 items seems like a good amount since it’s different types of items.


It was simple enough to find the website, find the item, and purchase it. If I had to criticize anything it would probably be the availability of the bags. I am aware that they want them to be exclusive but sometimes I don’t hear about an item and when I go to try to get it, it’s sold out! But I guess the early bird catches the worm? I’m subscribed to their newsletter so I receive emails about deals and sales when they happen. Shipping is a little pricey but I mean let’s be honest, it is shipping from Japan so shipping won’t be $3.


This is a product I would recommend to anyone who has the funds to get it! Secure that bag! It is a “lucky” bag so there’s no guarantee on what items you will get and you can’t choose what to put in there either. I think it’s a fun game to see what you might receive. I’ve purchased Japan Crate’s before, but I usually don’t eat all the treats inside because I don’t like them.

With this bag, you don’t get an overhaul of items. So if you don’t like something, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted money. Plus, I love that they are franchise-specific so if you’re a fan of the show or franchise then it’s a must-have!

I will give the Demon Slayer Lucky Bag a cool


Like I said, I don’t have much bad to say about it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who can buy it.

If you want to grab one for yourself while they are still half off, follow the link below! Thank you for reading and please make sure to like, comment, and/or share!

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