Spy x Family Manga Review


Genre: Action, Comedy, Spy

Written By: Tatsuya Endo

Publisher: Shueisha

Magazine: Shonen Jump+

Volumes: 8


In honor of the MAGNIFICENT news of Spy x Family getting an animated series, I decided now would be the perfect time to review the manga and look back on some of the best moments before anime-only fans get into it. When I say this manga was one of my top favorites of last year, and my favorite overall, there is a perfectly good reason. It was hard since there were a lot of different great ones that I read but this one just really captured me the most.

The story revolves around Loid Forger aka Twilight, who is a spy. Not just a spy but a top one. He possesses amazing combat, memory, and information skills. His nickname comes from him being a master of disguises. While he has tackled difficult missions he has just been handed his toughest yet; faking a family. Long story short there is someone of interest at a prestigious boarding school that needs to be investigated. However, the school requires the child to have both parents in the picture. The mission has gone from spying on a person to getting a fake wife and child and then enrolling them into a rich school.

It was nonstop laughs for me as I read this manga. I’ll be honest, it is not hard to make me laugh but to keep it up for 90% of a manga is commendable. Even the filler chapters were entertaining and I didn’t want to skip them. The characters were what really made it come alive. Spy Themes can seem cheesy to some people but if executed right, it can be a treat. Spy x Family is a delicious treat! The whole series is pretty much just them trying not to get discovered as a fake family. Sounds easy enough right?

What makes it even better is they all are keeping secrets from one another in hopes the other two don’t find out except Anya is telepathic so she can read minds. This girl has alllll the tea and knows everybody’s business but she, of course, has to play it off as if she’s just a small child that doesn’t know anything about anything.

While reading I was getting Detective Conan vibes, and I love murder mysteries. This manga isn’t focused on solving mysteries per se but more of trying to solve problems.


Of course one of the best things about the manga is the characters. I love the good guys and hate the “bad” guys. And hate the overly obsessive brother but we’ll get into that later.

Twilight AKA Loid Forger is the man with the plan. Like I said he is a well-renowned spy. He’s also a war orphan whose dream is to create a “world where children don’t cry”. We get to know him little by little and he’s just the best. Each panel he continuously proves how husband material he is. You can also see his inexperience when it comes to love and life beyond being a spy. It’s adorable how clueless he is when it comes to Yor and Anya and the misunderstandings they have. They aren’t annoying like in most shows but in fact comical.

He’s very dedicated to his missions so he thinks nothing of creating a fake family by adopting Anya and marrying Yor. Even though it is a fake marriage, he genuinely tries to make her happy and also to be an adequate father for Anya, it’s really adorable.

Thorn Princess AKA Yor Forger née Briar is the best mom in the world! No, but seriously she’s an assassin and can probably kill you before you blink her way. She has no experience with children other than raising her younger brother but she’s very awkward when it comes to her motherly duties. She, like Loid, just tries her best and it’s so stinking cute.

Upon her first meeting with Loid, she thinks he is just an ordinary man with a daughter from a previous marriage. She decides to marry him and help him out and instantly falls in love. With Anya. The verdict is still out on Loid but I see hearts all around, just sayin’. She can do the cleaning, but god help anyone that tries her cooking. She’s not particularly good with chores besides cleaning. But she goes out of her way to get help from the ladies at her job to learn how to cook but otherwise, Loid does the cooking because he’s a spy who can do anything.

When it comes to Anya, she usually feels guilt since she believes she lost her mother and wants to be the maternal role model in her life. Due to her incredible strength, she doesn’t hesitate when it comes to protecting her family and can quite literally slice a neck or two if needed.

She’s very shy when it comes to romance since I think she’s never really experienced it before. She was too busy killing and being an assassin so…yeah. I love watching her and Loid’s interactions. It’s like watching two puppies trying to fall in love. I cannot wait for the day they finally realize they are perfect for each other.

Then we have little Miss Meme aka Anya Forger. I call her that because of her reaction faces, they are priceless. She was an orphan when we first met her. Since Loid was needed a six-year-old for his mission and Anya read his thoughts, she lied and said she was six years old even though she’s younger than that. Originally, she was a test subject and as anyone would, she got tired of that and saw her ticket out; Loid Forger.

Because of this, she has also not been properly educated so she’s not good at studying and typically uses her ability to read others’ minds to get answers (because why wouldn’t you?) Funnily enough, she LOVES spy-themed anything and often glorifies Loid’s missions in her head.

Last but certainly not least, Bond Forger is the furry family member who was also formerly a test subject. He can see into the future but only Anya knows since she can read his mind. The scientists were trying to make him into a vicious guard dog but he’s too sweet and would rather not hurt anyone.

Even the side characters are entertaining and get their shine but I’d rather you learn about them through reading the manga  😉 


  • Spy Themed
  • Hilariously entertaining
  • Action packed panels
  • Loid Forger  🥵 


If you are looking for a new series to jump into, please make it this one. I can’t explain how excited I am to see this animated and it looks like it’s going to be so good! Please get into it and show some support because I need at least 3 seasons.

It should be no surprise that I am giving this manga a perfect


Since I’m so hyped for the anime debut, here’s the official trailer for Spy x Family which starts streaming on April 6th! I’ve also included the link to some Spy x Family manga and products below!

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