The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Review

AKA: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, 転生したらスライムだった件

Genre: Isekai

Studio: Eight Bit

Episodes: 48

Seasons: 2

Available On: Crunchyroll, Funimation

Imagine you get stabbed. Now imagine that you think you’re about to die but then you reincarnate as a monster that can absorb objects and then equip them. That’s pretty much the opening for this show. As I’ve said many, many times Isekai’s are not my favorite genre just due to the repetitiveness and lack of interesting characters.

Most shows have been “regular guy dies, gets reincarnated to someone or something else, has 50 women after him even though he’s so mediocre and has powers beyond their imagination”. I can name about 5 shows off the top of my head like this, but this was the one show that changed my mind.

Production-wise, we are looking at Eight Bit studio. This is the time we’ve mentioned this studio here but it’s not my first time seeing it. Eight Bit is home to some works such as; How to Keep a Mummy, Stars Align (which I talk about at least once a week), and The Irregular at Magic School.

For the first few episodes, he really had me. Then, there was a shift and the show hasn’t been the same since. I mean that in the best way possible. Let me tell you my experiences of watching, “The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and make you a fan (if you aren’t already).


Rimuru Tempest in Slime form

The story begins with a regular salaryman, Satoru Mikami, who gets randomly stabbed by someone while walking home. He essentially “dies” and it all fades to black. Then, he hears a voice and it’s not the voice of God. She starts to speak commands but at this point, all of it is gibberish to Mikami. He is finally able to regain his senses and wakes up a ball of slime. After doing some discovery and trial and error, he realizes he can gain new skills by devouring anything. This is after he gains the skill of “Predator” so if he were to devour fire, he’d be able to produce fire.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that seems very OP (overpowered) but you know that’s just how it goes with these Isekais. Everyone is reborn as a king or demon lord or Sailor Moon-like. Nobody can just be reborn and live a normal life (I say that even though I’m watching another show where someone actually does get reborn as a normal person but that’s a different review).

He meets a dragon, Veldora, who has been locked up for 300 years since he decided to turn a city into ash. The two actually become friends and the slime consumes the dragon. This is so his “system” or that voice I mentioned earlier, can analyze the prison he is in and look for a way to set him free. Thus, Rimuru Tempest is born.

Now, let’s get into some of my favorite characters!


Since there are literally a million characters we get introduced to, I am going to pick out my standouts so far.

Jura Tempest Federation

This is the name of the nation Rimuru leads. If you track the growth, it’s insane how quickly it has populated. It went from a few hundred to thousands, to now about 10 million. Keep in mind none of the people are being forced to follow Rimuru, they chose to follow him. These are also where most of our main characters are located. It consists of Goblins, Orcs, Dragonnewts, Elves, Humans, etc. You name it they probably live there.

Main Characters of Jura Tempest

Rimuru Tempest (formerly known as Satoru Mikami) is the leader of the Jura Tempest Federation as well as our MC. We’ve seen his slime form but his human form is the most interesting. He has an androgynous appearance, and I won’t tell you why since that’s a mini spoiler, but I prefer his human form.

Next, we have the Goblins. They were the first species to come to serve and live under Rimuru’s rule. While I love them all, Gobta is my favorite. He starts out as very weak and wimpy but after being under Rimuru, he becomes stronger. Not significantly stronger but he gains confidence and is good at bluffing.

From the Ogres, it is hard to choose because they are all so impressive but Benimaru would have to be my favorite. He is the strongest of the orcs and while I usually go for the silent, sneaky types like Souei but I also like the strong, silent types. He also has a funny and mischievous side to him that we see as he gets closer to Rimuru.

We also get to meet demons! Well, demon lords and so far my favorite would have to be Milim. I’ll admit when we’re first introduced to her I wasn’t too sure and thought she’d be the typical evil, lolicon-looking femme fatale but she was actually quite the opposite. As the show progresses, we learn that she’s really just like a child with too much power. She’s just looking for ways to pass her boredom but can also flatten a nation in seconds. I kind of like that dynamic. Without posting too much for the sake of viewers, I’ll just say she’s a surprising character that I look forward to seeing more of.


  • Excellent world-building
  • Strays a little from “typical” Isekai’s
  • Amazing fight/battle scenes


  • Very slow start
  • Some unnecessary fan service included


If you are looking for something completely different in terms of Isekai, I highly recommend this series. It did drag in the beginning but once it picked up, there was never a dull episode or moment. I’m interested in seeing how things progress and might even jump into the manga! Rimuru Tempest is one of my favorite MC’s for a long time.

As you can guess, this show gets a perfect score of;


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