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Back at it again with another Top 10! Welcome back and if you’re new here, welcome. I was listening to “Koi no Yukue” by Akase Akari for the 50th time today, and I was just so happy. I had a smile on my face while humming along to the tune. Those short few seconds of an anime opening can really capture something special. Some shows are very intelligent about it, making sure the show supports the theme while others can throw in some kind of musical creation that doesn’t go with the show whatsoever. It’s all great. Thus, I’ve decided to look back on 2021 and my favorite openings from some of my favorite shows!

This list solely focuses on shows released last year and the openings, so for example, if the show debuted last year but they introduce a new opening into the new year, I’m still counting it since the show was released in 2021, got it?

I will go ahead and spoil you; there will definitely be one of these bad boys for this year as well but I wanted to shine some light on some of my favorite shows from last year.

It was very difficult for me to order these but I did so….bare with me.

1. EVERBLUE – Omoinotake [Blue Period]

I’ve replayed this song so. many. times. It’s so good! The jazzy vibe and the catchy melody was a perfect match. It also makes sense this is the song for an anime about art because this song itself is ART. I find myself playing it at least once a day, really hard not to. When I first hear this song, my eyes did a kind of…you know when someone says something you can’t help but agree with? Yeah, I was sold from the opening alone. I lose it every time that sax hits! Like, how can you listen and not just want to dance?

2. Cry Baby – OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM [Tokyo Revengers]

The way this song made me feel when I watched the first episode of Tokyo Rev was unforgettable. I just KNEW this show was going to be great. Reading the manga first was something that was new to me, since I always watched then jumped into the manga, but this was different. The vibe I had was just teens being gangsters, or trying. Listening to the track, it fit perfectly in my opinion. It’s also insanely catchy and fun to sing to. I lose my breath every time but I have fun doing it!

3. BLIZZARD – BURNOUT SYNDROMES [Those Snow White Notes]

One of the most underrated shows of last year, I’m glad I get to finally show my appreciation for it and the soundtrack! When I was in Japan, I had a friend who was taking classes learning how to play the koto, the national instrument of Japan. I adore the sound of the Koto so watching a show about it was amazing. It was the second show I actually watched, first being Kono Oto Tomare, and I’ve always heard the sound but never knew what the name of the instrument was.

The opening is so fierce and really captures what it’s like to play the instrument. I also love the speaking parts in the middle. The best way to describe it is you feel like you’re definitely going through a blizzard. Also, I LOVE Burnout Syndromes as they have created some amazing songs for Haikyuu!!

4. BOY – King Gnu [Ranking of Kings]

A cute song for a cute show. When I first heard it, I was like ‘Okay this is nice’ and then it switched up with more instruments and I was just bopping for my life. It sounds like a feel good track for a feel good show. You just feel a warmth and it makes me think of Boji! The song just makes me have a vivid memory of when the show first began and up until now, all the things the mc has gone through and still being the best boy!

5. Paradise – Rude-a [SK8 The Infinity]

Now I keep getting this song mixed up with another song because I swear it sounds similar to another one of my favorite openings. However, it’s different and I still love it. It fit perfectly with the kind of show SK8 was. I can vividly remember the main characters dancing to it in the beginning and it has such a nice vibe to it. I’m also a huge fan of songs that aren’t like the typical girl group songs or overly sweet. I feel like there’s some more oomph when we get openings like these. It’s fun and perfect for the show. Sk8ters it’s your time!

6. Irokousui – YOH KAMIYAMA [Horimiya]

I think out of all of these, this song sounds like it could do well on the Pop charts. It has a tune that I think is catchy and the melody as well. All of these songs I’m singing to myself all the time but I feel like this would be the one that I can picture a pop singer singing, you know? Also, it definitely fits with the show since it has a very modern feel to it.

7. sora to utsuro – sasanomaly [The Case Study of Vanitas]

There are vivid memories of when I pressed play on ‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ and this song was playing during the opening. First, I thought it was so cute with the animation and second I thought, this is really catchy! There was definitely a certain trend going on with openings in 2021 that I appreciated. Everything was sounding so modern and a little jazzy.

8. Again – Beverly [Fruits Basket]

We’re now into the slow jams portion of the playlist 😂 If there was any song that could capture the return of one of the best slice of life anime’s, it would be this. The lyrics and the melody just fit perfectly. It was like a reunion for Furuba fans and you felt so nostalgic seeing Tohru Honda with Yuki, Kyo, and (even Shigure) Sohma. I don’t know about yall but I felt my early 2000’s memories of the series flooding back to me and it made me excited to watch!

Plus, I’ve heard some songs by Beverly before and I love her. She’s got one of the best voices as a singer.

9. 旅人の唄 – Yuiko Ohara [Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation]

If the show doesn’t make you a fan, this song definitely will. I decided to give this show a chance after randomly scrolling through Funimation (rip) and I was intrigued by the cover. A few minutes later, there’s this beautiful animation taking place with this gorgeous song playing in the background and I was hooked every since. They really did great with choosing this song as the opening. It captures that fantasy world or reminds me of a MMORPG loading screen, I just love it. Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, please show this song some love, it’s so beautiful!

10. PINK BLOOD – Hikaru Utada [To Your Eternity]

Now when this came out, I saw some hate for it. People were saying it didn’t fit the show and it sounded out of place. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY disagree. For me, it suits the show’s theme. There’s this sadness to it which suits the show. Anyone who watched the FIRST episode knows this show was an emotional wreck for viewers. And it’s UTADA HIKARU. She doesn’t miss! Maybe people thought it was too “pop” or something, I’m not entirely sure but I love the song and watching the opening made me love it even more. The first time I was caught off guard but I loved it regardless. I was bopping and crying at the same time, what a mix of emotions.

And there you have it, my top 10 anime opening songs of 2021. Please, please show these artists and their music some love. I’ve included their video’s above so you can give them views or even go download the songs if you like them. I’ve also included a Spotify playlist of the songs. I don’t really use Spotify much but I thought some people might want to just to listen to the songs or include them in their own playlists!

These are all works of art that need to be appreciated! As always please make sure to like, comment, and/or subscribe to my blog! Thank you for reading!

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