Top 10 Lists

  • My Top 10 Comfort Anime
    We all have shows we can put on and just have it running in the background while we do chores, do homework, or even just have noise playing. These also show that we can re-watch over and over without getting bored. For me, these are mainly shows like Spongebob Squarepants, Wizards of Waverly Place, The […]
  • Top 10 Anime Closings [2021]
    To be honest, this is one of my favorite Top 10s I do because I LOVE music. The pure joy I get just from hearing a good opening or ending is like no other experience. We did the top 10 openings of 2021 and now I’m here for the top 10 closings. I’m having to […]
  • Top 10 Anime Openings [2021]
    Back at it again with another Top 10! Welcome back and if you’re new here, welcome. I was listening to “Koi no Yukue” by Akase Akari for the 50th time today, and I was just so happy. I had a smile on my face while humming along to the tune. Those short few seconds of […]
  • Top 10 Promising Looking Anime[2]
    It was so nice, I’m doing it twice! My last Top 10 list was so well received that I thought I would do another one. This one will be the same as before. It will include shows that I have either watched, am watching, or plan to watch. Some of them I’m just going on […]
  • Top 10 Promising Looking Anime
    It’s Friday, you probably ain’t got no job (but we don’t judge if you don’t), you probably ain’t got nothing to do, so you might as well read my list of shows I think look promising this season. Now, I know we’re all waiting for juggernauts; Demon Slayer season 2, Attack on Titan final season […]